Why Is Beauty Dangerous?

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From my perspective, beauty can be dangerous in some cases and hurt a person physically and mentally. Even though there are some pieces of evidence showing that beautiful people have more chances to gain happiness by having a more successful career, a more loving spouse and better relationships with people around, beauty can bring somebody happiness, it can also bring somebody trouble. Beauty can be dangerous because it may hurt an innocent person psychologically. For example, someone may be bullied for being too pretty. It might be odd that a pretty girl is being bullied in some people’s mind, but it happens. Beauty can sometimes evoke jealousy, especially among same-sex competitors (Fisher, 2017). And It’s reasonable that envy can lead to…show more content…
They argued that beautiful women will receive more admiration, reverence, and attention than others who are not so pretty. And beautiful people are more likely to have a better career in real life. Data analysis (Hamermesh, 2013) showed that attractive people’s average income is higher than ugly people’s income by 3% to 4%. The result indicates that beautiful people have more chances to earn more money in their whole life. In a word, beauty can advantage and benefit a person in some extends. If not so, there would not have been so many people spending endless efforts on being more attractive by making up and taking plastic…show more content…
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