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Villages in the settlement The settlement is divided into 11 villages, out of which two villages are exclusively for monastery. These 11 villages are scattered at different location, and the distance between each village is on an average 4-6kms. Each village has its own elected leader who decides all matters concerning his village; however, the representative of the settlement is the overall head of the settlement. Settler's Livelihood The Central Govt. and Karnataka govt. has been generous enough to provide enough land for Tibetan refugees for residence and agriculture. Our elders used the land to the fullest extend. Most of the original families have a small piece of agricultural land for their living. Due to lack of irrigation facilities,…show more content…
The co-operative Society also helps in marketing their produce, mainly maize and paddy. Like co-operative Societies in other refugee settlements. The co-operative society consisted of the following members, a co-operative secretary appointed by CTA, an accountant, a cashier and In-Charge of various sections. They are permanent staff and paid regularly. They retire on attaining 60 years or seek voluntary retirement by will. Besides, 5 governing body members are elected by the primary members of the society for a period of 5…show more content…
There are 11 villages in this settlement and each village is headed by an elected village leader whose job is to act as an intermediary between the public and the settlement officer. He has to settle disputes, raise funds, solve problems pertaining to his village: and act as a messenger between village and the head office. The group leaders are chosen on the basis of their educational background, experience in public work or strength of personality. He must be a capable person to redress the problems of his villager. He must be an honest, hardworking, sincere and above all impartial in his dealings. The villagers are wise enough and they don’t give a second chance to a person who is selfish, deceptive and a

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