Personality Reflection

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An individual's personality is the complex of mental qualities that makes them interesting from other individuals. It incorporates the majority of the patterns of thought and feelings that make us do and say things specifically ways. According to Thompson (2007), at an essential level, personality is communicated through our disposition or emotional tone. The personality additionally colors our values, beliefs, and expectations. There are numerous potential calculates that are included molding a personality. These elements are normally observed as originating from heredity and the environment. Recent researches have shown the hereditary variables being more vital, particularly for fundamental personality traits, for example, emotional tone.…show more content…
How this bravery is developed in my personality? The answer of this question is related with the strength and bravery which I observed in my mother’s personality during my life. During the financial crisis when my father was unable to work and fulfill the financial needs, all of my family members were hopeless but my mother show the bravery and strength and she plays the role of both mother and father. She was a very good cook. She started a home bakery, and she baked different types of traditional cookies. Everyone in our neighborhood bought her cookies until she became famous in her cookie business. Due to the expansion of my mothers's cookie business, our family was able to get out of our crisis and live a decent life. After that year, my father returned to his work, but my mother kept baking still. They both worked very hard and were able to improve our lives. This strength and bravery of my mother inspired me a lot and that is why today I am a brave women. This experience also shaped my family life towards bravery and strength. My family became stronger and able to face the difficulties. They became more organized in dealing with different issues. According to Thompson (2007), kid’s personality is greatly impacted by the personality of his/her parents and also the relationship between parents and kids. Thompson (2007) has further indicated that…show more content…
An example of a happy occasion which is unquestionably one of my top happy events that triggers an immense change is the birth of my first child and turning into a parent. I recall how in a part of a moment, while embracing my daughter her, the entire world blurred and my priorities changed significantly. I regularly say to my kids that having kids while studying is a major test, not in light of cash or going to work, but since of priorities. Prior to my first child was born, I was the best student – I did every one of my assignments on time, I passed every one of my exams with decent evaluations; I was an example student and did brilliantly. The second she was born, I stopped thinking about my grades and begin to give careful consideration to my kids. I don't lament the adjustment in my priorities and I don't lament that it took me on an alternate experience; however this change was still caused by a happy

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