Personal Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Social Worker

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How I became interested in Social Work is when my next door neighbor kids use to always come to my house and play. They use to come almost every day it was then I realize that they weren’t getting taken care of properly. They weren’t being watched and always had on dirty clothes. I remember when we used to tell them that it was time to go home they all had a look in their eyes and use to tell me that they don’t eat nor take bathes. They always had to go back home to the yelling and not getting fed or cleaned on a regular basis. It was something about seeing the little girls with nasty clothes on hair not comb and had to watch them beg for food while their mothers sit under a tree drinking beer broke my heart. I knew then that I had wanted to help kids and not only kids but older adults. My goals and aspiration will have to be graduating from Jackson State University with my Masters and becoming an LMSW and getting a job in the Public Welfare area to help the needy. If obtain employment. I will utilize the opportunity to help the needy who are homeless, elderly, and juvenile and assist them in…show more content…
I think as a social worker, I have to be able to comprehend another’s individual’s way of life and values. I will use this strength to show support to the client as a basis of a professional relationship. Conversely, my weakness/limitations will have to be being disorganized in a work setting, but being a social worker and dealing with clients will have to be kids that have gotten abuse or sexual assault. I plan on improving with being disorganized by creating a central to-do-list and keeping everything in place. Using labels to specify where things should go. Also improving with kids, that’s been abused is by building a strong mindset that it’s not about how I feel, but to help the kids understand and get through this and to let them know that everything will be

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