Relation Between Organisational Structure And Culture Essay

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Section 1 – Understanding the Relationship between Organisational Structure and Culture Compare and Contract Different Organisational Structures and Culture According to Buchanan and Huczynski (1991) organisations are defined as social arrangements for the controlled performance of collective goals. For an organisation to run efficiently there has to be a formalised approached, clear directives, lines of communications, concise job descriptions, conflict management, objectives and goal setting and chain of command, which sets out the social arrangements that controls and monitors the performance. Al of these in conjunction with organisational structure provides us with the framework of the business, which creates an environment with the aim to: • Link Individuals; • Group Together Talks, • Gives Authority; • Coordination; • Facilitates the Work. There are two types or organisation when it comes to its structure and they are: Formal Organisation is one which is deliberately constructed to fulfil specific goals. It is characterised by planning division of responsibility and a well-defined structure of authority and communication. The organisation structure provides for consistent functions and roles, irrespective of changes in individual membership (BSBM). Within the formal structure…show more content…
Which might be correct, but I would argue that this type of motivation can be achieved by the managers, by them creating an enjoyable working environment within the office, allowing the employees to express themselves, making work fun in order to create a working environment where people like to come to work. If this can be achieved, then it wouldn’t really matter what the task in hand is, because the employees enjoy where they work and don’t focus on what the work might be as much and become more productive without the need for extrinsic

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