Clara Spotted Elk Rhetorical Analysis

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1. Summarize Spotted Elk's argument. Include her main and secondary claims along with at least 2 pieces of evidence she uses to support her claims. For Spotted Elk’s argument is the Indians finding their bones and their ancestors not liking for the face that the Smithsonian are studying the remains of their ancestors and they’re not getting reburying them according to religion and traditions . Clare Spotted Elk’s main claims is Clara Spotted Elk articulates the complaint that ''grisly collections'' of American Indian skeletons are ''secreted away'' in the Smithsonian and other museums (''Skeletons in the Attic,'' Op-Ed, March 8), provoking outrage by those Indians who would like to retrieve and rebury the bones of their ''ancestors,'' according to the tenets of their ''religion.'' The other main clause is Clare secondary to support her claim is she also wants to respect the dead as well for their ancestors but from a science…show more content…
3. Identify the core values that Spotted Elk assumes her audience has. The Core Values that Spotted Elk that her audience has that by studying the human remains not just for science but to show how our ancestors had lived . Spotted Elk assumes her audience has taken anthropology and has studied ones on ancestry to look at their own past family members or where they came from. 4. 4. Evaluate Spotted Elk's ethos appeal? The Spotted Elk’s ethos appeal is she wants you to see that as a scientist who focuses on the study of human skeletons - and that includes all the people of the world - I would like to consider some of these issues. Like my counterparts at the Smithsonian and elsewhere, I am as concerned with proper care of the dead as Clara Spotted Elk and those for whom she speaks. Due to grave robbers and money hungry people that take advantage of the dead and disrespect their burial grounds it puts a bad name on scientist who are just trying to study human remains. 5. Overall, which do you think is Spotted Elk's most persuasive

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