Inovest Investment Company Case Study

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Introduction Inovest Investment Company is a sharia complaint investment bank established under the 1st category license by the CBB in 2008 in the Kingdom Of Bahrain. It believes in the spirit of dynamic, innovative and result oriented system of operation. Financed by the people who established Al Khaleej Development Company “Tameer”. Inovest is built upon a robust business model that encourages efficient business and risk taking practices. The vision of the bank is to be a market leader not only within the kingdom but in the whole of Middle East. The mission is to be recognized as a gateway for innovative investment techniques and offerings and to develop best possible relationship with its stakeholders. Oasis Capital Bank started as a private banking service including asset allocation, advisory services, trusts and other services as well as developed and arranged property, infrastructure and private equity management. But…show more content…
They should reassess their risk taking policies and try to take average risk, which will reduce the default risk and will increase the revenues and income generated from the investments. Oasis Capital’s approach is moderate, but because of their tendency to invest in very low risk investments, they are limiting their returns. It may be safer to invest in low risk investments but they should try to invest in average risk investments and increase their revenues and profits. They should also consider to reassess their target market segment and target for individuals from all classes, instead of only high to ultra-high net value clients. It will increase the funds available to them and result in more investing activities that will increase their revenue

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