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Overview of Predictive and Descriptive Data Mining Techniques Pradnaya P. Sondwale Abstract – The overall goal of the data mining process is extraction of information from large data sets and transform it into some understandable structure for further uses. It is a process of using different techniques to find useful patterns or models from data. This process of selects, explore and model large amount of data. Data mining can also be used in different areas of our life like social science, psychology, cognitive science and business applications, bank transaction etc. So, for satisfying our need there should be proper Data Mining techniques available. In this paper, we are presenting most important predictive and descriptive data mining…show more content…
Data mining is also called as analysis step of the "Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD)" process [2] to give us important knowledge. It involves database and data management aspects, data pre-processing, model. It also involves inference considerations, complexity considerations, post-processing of discovered structures, visualization, and online updating [3] which makes it more useful in complex environment also. Now in today’s increasing digital computing environment, nearly all of our activities from birth to death Stored digitally in large databases, like Health records, attendance in school, college record, office record, wages data , these and countless other data capturing the details of our daily lives which serve as our digital social footprint globally. These digital records—across a group, town, state, or nation—form a population’s are clustered and acting as the footprints of our society. If this data is properly integrated, analyzed, and interpreted, could offer crucial insights to best serve our greatest societal priorities in different sectors such as healthcare, economics, education, and employment. Population information is the vastly growing field at the intersection of all scientific fields and statistics that applies quantitative methods and computational tools for such a large data [4]. Now a days, most secure data like Personal account numbers, passwords, notes, health records and other important…show more content…
The goal is rather to establish some relationship among all the variables in the data. The user asks the computer to identify patterns in the data that may be significant. Undirected modeling is used to explain those patters and relationships one they have been found. III. PREDICTIVE DATA MINING MODEL The purpose of Predictive mining model is mainly to predict the future outcome than current behavior. The prediction output can be numeric value or in categorized form. the predictive models is the supervised learning functions which predicts the target value. Predictive methods to be utilized in the next phase of empirical study. Use some variables to predict unknown or future values of other variables In addition, comparison between these supervised approaches was also conducted to get some insight about the strength and weaknesses of each approach since one of the aims of the study was to determine whether these methods were well suited for extracting the required knowledge. As a result, the predictive method will be able to predict in which cluster does the future student will fall into based on the enrollment information. A.

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