Classroom Reservation System

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION OF PROJECT This chapter provides the background and rationale for this project. It discusses about the objectives and significant for this project along with the issues and problem from existing classroom reservation system that led to the development of new system. It also discusses about the importance of the new system and new methods that will be used. 1.1 Background of Project Technology is the collection of methods, techniques and processes used in production of goods, services, and in the organization of human activities to accomplish such as scientific endeavor. Technology is a main of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials (Karehka, 2013). The term “technology”…show more content…
The classroom tries to provide learning space where there is nothing interrupted from outsider. There are many examples of classroom that allows for learning either indoor or outdoor types. A few examples of classroom are computer lab which are used for IT lessons, gymnasium for sports, and science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics. Classroom can range from small group of five or six to big classroom with hundreds of students which is called a lecture…show more content…
In order to get all these data, Hal Ehwal Akademik (HEA) has agreed to cooperate and prepared all the data needed to complete this system. The data of suggestions suggested by HEA and lectures also needed. This data was used to check the accuracy of the suggestions generated by the system. Based on the interview with Mr. Ridzwan Khaled from head of HEA, there are many data that have been acquired. There are twelve classes and eight laboratories, there are also have five classrooms that can open their partition to enlarge the space in order to make the common test or for some other reason. The facilities in classroom which have 40 sets of table and chair continue with whiteboard and also one computer for moderator used. The facilities in laboratory are also 40 sets of table, chair, computer, and one set of LCD projector. In order to request a room for making test, capacity of student for one class is around thirty students only that can load on certain class or lecture can reserve classes which have partition and load many

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