Bullying In Canada

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Have you ever been punched in the face by someone? Bullying is intentionally done by harassing someone and it usually never stops the first time, it’s a repeated process on the same person. The majority of people who bully others don’t know how one would feel if they were getting bullied. Bullying is a severe issue that hasn’t stopped happening, won’t stop happening till we the people decide on making a difference and change. The process starts from one person to another and then rapidly grows. Nobody takes bullying seriously because either they have not been bullied themselves or they think that it is a completely normal part of our everyday lives. There has been more awareness about bullying but there is not an end to it. Everyone should…show more content…
There are some mind blowing facts about bullying that people have never imagined of such as bullying happens to someone in Canada every 7 minutes on the playground. That is a very horrendous stat because of the amount of kids that are outside at that time and the number of kids that could be getting bullied. Bullying is not a safe thing to do to others because children could take it in a very bad manner. Canadians are also not doing enough to protect the youth from being bullied. From the World Health Organization survey, out of 35 countries, Canada had ranked 26th and 27th. This means that parents don’t ask their kids often if anything bad happened or what’s going on at school and Canada does not have a national campaign to solve bullying issues. Moving on, bullying takes place wherever a group of kids form to do anything such as playing or learning. It can even start from home. Bullying is not only a school problem but a community issue. Parents at home set examples for kids, if the parents have a negative attitude, are unsupportive, there is a risk for the child and that is that he or she will become the same. Adults need to be good role models by setting good examples, positive vibes, promoting healthy…show more content…
Bullying can cause very bad deep thoughts and make people upset. It makes children feel very lonely, scared and unhappy. Kids can lose their confidence and that would make them not want to come to school anymore. Children can get insecure and have anxiety attacks. Some kids can be very depressed and attempt to commit suicide. Children can be severely scared and not have enough sleep time and also with those factors, there is a negative effect in the learning environment. The impact of bullying is not positive, it’s all negative and that could affect the children’s life long term physically and psychologically by having stomach-aches and headaches. An example of someone who has commit suicide and passed away unfortunately was Amanda Todd and she was Canadian, her story was really sad. She relied on drugs and alcohol to get away from being depressed and worried. Drugs and alcohol are not the cure for bullying instead children should trust their parents or any adults and tell them their story. That is a very dark place to be at and especially when you’re a child, those thoughts are very deep and

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