Personal Narrative-High School

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Zeljana Antic Portland, Maine I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing downstairs. The sun hit my face as it gleamed through the window. I got up from bed covering my face. I headed downstairs following the smell of fresh coffee and fried bacon. The savory smell made my mouth water as i stepped through the kitchen. I saw my mother out of the corner of my eye, handing me a cup of coffee. I headed toward the direction of the fluffy sofa in the corner of the living room with my mother right behind me. “How’s high school going?,”asked my mother as she took a big sip of her coffee. “Same old,” I replied with an intention of asking her something. “Mom?” I asked not trying to beat around the bush. “Yes?” she replied, not knowing what to expect. “ High school is ending and I was wondering if my friends and I can go on a little road trip,” I said. “I guess. You are about to finish school, and I do trust you,” she replied, thinking over if she was making the right decision of letting me go. “Is it just Neil and Alissa?” she added.…show more content…
I got out of the car running to Alissa’s doorstep excited to tell her the news. She opened the door with her thick black curls flying everywhere. Alissa was in her usual attire, oversized sweatshirt and jean shorts. There was one thing I really liked about Alissa that made her unique. She never cared about what anyone thought about her. I walked inside being greeted by her peculiar stepfather,walking by on his phone as usual. Alissa and I started screaming in unison, she had a feeling about what might this conversation might be about. I told her my plan as we walked through the kitchen. Her smile widened seeing her eyes wrinkle up and her dimples peer
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