Personal Narrative: Newberg High School

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Sitting on a smelly, yellow bus with my best friend, Rachel, heading towards Newberg High School. We start to get mentally prepared for our cross country meet. Then Danya, a freshman on the cross country team, blurts out a riddle, “ As the book hits the ground a hundred people die.” When we arrive at Newberg High School, we only have half the riddle figured out. Walking out of the vehicle, chill races up my spine. I follow the people up into the metal bleachers. Our couch, handed out maps of the cross country course. We, as a team, walked the course to get a feel of it and to know where we're going. The course started out looping around the baseball fields. The pathway was covered in bark chips, with half of it in the woods. The path leads…show more content…
When I’m on the las two-hundred feet I begin to pick up the speed. Almost out of energy I squeeze the last burst out as I round the corner onto the track to start my kick to the finish. My body moves as it can to catch up with the person in front of me. My body hits the ground as if I’m getting smashed against the wall over and over. Screams of my name gradually get louder. All I can see it the finish line. It was like the finish line was getting farther away. I couldn’t catch up to it. Until finally I catch up to the finish line and pass it. Slowing down everything begins to spin. I give a person my running bib. Proud of how I did and to be finished with the race, I slowly walk over to the curb to sit down. My breathing begins to slow down along with the spinning. I see my running partner Alli walking up to me. Out of breath I asked her, “How did you do?” “Ok I got 25:01 minutes,” she replied. “What did you get?” “Good job! I got 25:02 minutes” I answered her. As I saw her parents approach her to congratulate her I found enough energy to get up and walk up into the bleachers. Walking up the steps I could feel the . Trying to ignore it, I looked for Rachel. Seeing her talking to other people I sneak up behind

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