Personal Narrative: Euclid High School

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When I first arrived to Euclid High School in 2012, it was like a completely new world to me. Seeing a vast number of students inside one building, the maturity of all the upperclassmen, and the way people carried themselves. I had quite a few friends, but I tried hard to fit in. Now as a senior, I am almost fully matured and on my own path with my studies and originality. I had to find my sense of originality and stop trying to copy others overtime. In my freshman year of high school in 2012, I was an average, immature kid that was fresh out of 8th grade graduation from Forest Park. When I finally appeared in high school, the whole atmosphere was totally different from what I was previously used to as an elementary and middle school…show more content…
I got my first consequence in my second month of high school. I got into a scuffle and got suspended for three days. After that, I started to realize that I can’t mess up anymore. My advice to myself actually brought me to my senses. I had obtained a 3.0 GPA in the 3rd quarter. I was hoping to achieve the same for the fourth quarter and final exams. That’s until I totally messed up. I got in an altercation with a senior ,and I approached him in his class and I fought him. Since I was trespassing into his classroom, I got the full 10-day suspension and he only got 3 days. I had to sit at home, miss ten days of school, watch my grades go down worse than stocks on the morning of October 29, 1929. I also had to go to court for the fight later in the year, but I got cleared of all the charges. At the moment and the start of my sophomore year, I realized that my future is too bright and not to let anyone be my downfall. In the first quarter of my sophomore year, I got a 3.5 GPA. I was extremely proud of myself because I stopped worrying about friends and fitting in and devoted myself to a more, simplistic scholar lifestyle. For the rest of that year, I maintained a GPA above a 3.0 or higher. I repeated my sophomore

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