Personal Narrative: A Career In High School

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Contrary to popular opinion, I can honestly say that I found the majority of my time in high school to be quite enjoyable. I did my work and earned decent grades—all while providing a solid foundation for my collegiate future. Being a member of the Sweeny Bulldog Band and varsity tennis team supplemented me with life lessons that I could not have acquired in a purely academic setting. In short, I feel that the combination of academic and extracurricular activities that I took part in during high school have helped me develop a strong set of core values integral to my success in life. Excellence was instilled in me from a young age. From a very young age, my parents expected nothing but very best from their oldest child. School came first; any decline in academic performance was met with rather severe consequences. Consequently, I learned to treat music the same manner; I refused to give anything but my maximum effort. When rehearsing for ATSSB Regional and State band auditions, I would use five pennies. Every time I played an etude or scale right, I would move a penny to one side of the music stand. This process went on until I had played the musical piece correctly five times and had all the pennies on the same side. If I messed up once, all the pennies went back to the original side and I started all over. Little by little,…show more content…
As a small child, my parents taught me that respect can get you far in life. There have been many instances in high school when I have made a mistake or error and, generally, I have been granted more leniency than others who don't treat figures of authority with respect. It is a simple concept: when you treat people with respect, they are prone to be open-minded and equally as respectful towards you. On the other hand, treating people with little to no respect is not the wisest course of action; soon enough, it will come back to bite you in the
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