Compare And Contrast Articles Of Confederation And Congress

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The two documents were established by the same people, but they differed more than they resemble each other. In the Articles of Confederation the States are considered sovereign and only the state governments act directly on the people. While in the Constitution the people of the whole nation are considered sovereign and the central government and state act directly on the people. The Articles had no system of federal courts and there was no taxing power given to Congress they could only request, while the Constitution gave Congress the right to levy taxes on the people and it created a court system to deal with issues between citizens and states. The Articles gave no executive power to the President, he only resided over Congress. The Constitution had the Executive branch headed by…show more content…
The Articles had no plan to regulate trade and under it Congress could not draft troops and depended on states to contribute. While the Constitution gave Congress the right to regulate trade and to raise an army to deal with military type situations. The Constitution only needed an approval ¾ of the states to amend the document, while the Articles required approval of all of the states. When passing laws the Articles only required 9/13 of states to approve legislation for passing laws and the Constitution required it to pass through House, Senate and the President. The President exercises his control bureaucracy by appointing cabinet secretaries and agency commissioners with the approval of the Senate. He can also can remove officials and reorganize certain agencies in the bureaucracy. The courts are called upon to settle disputes between parties that have been negatively affected by a certain policies. Congress delegates funding and has authority over the agencies, cabinet departments and

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