Personal Narrative: Couples In High School

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I've always thought that couples in high school are ridiculous and that nothing ever happens to them because they go separate ways once they get to college anyway, but I realized all that was wrong. Few years back, something occurred that changed my life forever, and it all happened on a cold and breezy day of the Twenty-seventh of August, 2010. First day of school has never been my favorite day, in fact, I hated it but it’s my senior year so with a huge effort, I scanned the boisterous and crowded hallway when I saw a stylish, elegant, and good-looking guy amongst the crowd. I've never seen anyone as perfect as he is, the type of guy that could only exist in a dream and the type of guy that could definitely be compared to Andrew Garfield,…show more content…
"Do you know who that guy is?" I inquired curiously, while pointing him out. "Yeah.. He's the new kid named Adam, he's in our grade, apparently the cutest guy in school, and …." Clary's voice and everything else felt like it faded away once I heard his name and I became unaware of every business that was going on. It seemed like time had stopped and found it's resting place when suddenly the bell rang and I was, again, aware of what I was doing. Finding my classes on the first day of school has always been the most excruciating feeling especially this year since I'm looking forward to having at least one class with that Adam guy and so far I don’t have any, and sadly it's the last class for the whole day which made me impatient, and gloomy, but I tried my best to be optimistic even though the bell has already rung and the class had started I was still hopeful. It's been five minutes and every tick of the school clock made me even more impatient that it seems like I noticed every detail in that classroom; the dusty and dull chalkboard, the fresh and red apple, the old and beaten up books, and finally the pretty and colorful unopened box of highlighters. That five minutes became ten.. Ten minutes became fifteen and finally, he

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