Religion In Medieval Times

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This quote portrays medieval times very accurately. The people of feudal society turned to the bible and the teachings of the church for answers to questions they had. There were three categories depicted from the church which were, animals, humans, and spirit beings which were angels and demons. Learning was locked away in the hands of monks and priests. They had to teach knowledge that existed as part of the search for religious truth. Medieval accounts of the natural world-give us insight as to how people respond in medieval times. The world between the 9th and 15th centuries was a period of superstition and ignorance. Ideas were stifled by the dead hand of religion. The world experienced by medieval men and women was different. This quote…show more content…
Books were eternal valuable and highly treasured. They traveled to and from monasteries. If someone didn't return a book, they were cursed to get palsy, pain, and have the flames of hell consume them forever. The people of feudal society believed some weird tales about animals. For example, there is a tale about a beaver that is hunted for its testicles and when the beaver sees the huntsman coming, it cuts them off before they can get to them. In this way we must cut away our sins so that when the devil comes, we can show him that we have nothing for him. As the medieval people became more knowledgeable, there was an upheaval in the world. The books were not allowed to be read or else the people would be excommunicated. They implied that god was their prisoner. Religious belief argued with rational theories about the universe. Contact with the Arab world brought science and medieval intellectuals were dazzled by their teachings. Later, Columbus sailed the ocean with a medieval mind. He thought he had reached the East described by Marco Polo and believed he would meet strange people and dog heads. He also thought he found the Garden of Eden. His voyage to America marked the end of the medieval age and the birth of the modern one. A new period of experience and conquest was about the begin. Early medieval men and women saw the world as divinely created. The successors had tools and technology such as the compass to discover a new
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