Being White In America Essay

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Being white in The United States was not just a skin color, it has been a way to get the full reward of being an American citizen. In the past, African Americans were discriminated greatly and forced to be slaves in white plantation fields. Along with slavery, African Americans were striped of any right that was promised in The Declaration Of Independence. According to Nikongo Ba'Nikongo; “in order to justify and legitimize the enslavement of Africans, it was necessary to devalue and dehumanize them both in practice and in the philosophy of the time (Ba'Nikongo 152).” Even without slavery, blacks still found themselves at the bottom of the totem pole. In order to guarantee American opportunities without being held back by social implications,…show more content…
According to the film, the state of Virginia implemented a policy which says you are classified as black if you are 1/16 African; whereas, Florida says the cut off is 1/8 African. Scholars had though long on the scientific ways to classify a black, which ultimately meant close to nothing. If you had the look of a white man, you would receive all of the benefits that came along with being white. For example, Takao Okawara was a Chinese man who wanted to be an American citizen. Even though he was part European, he did not receive the full protection of American law because he dd not have the look of a white…show more content…
I grew up in the south-side of Yonkers, a neighborhood filled with predominately poor Hispanic and African-Americans. Opportunities are very limited in these areas; many families can not afford a higher education because their entire income is based on bring food to the table. The lack of motivation leads young kids to turn to the streets, ignoring a potential successful future. I moved to a white neighborhood in Middletown,NY at the age of 12; although I can't clearly say the differences, I can say my grades improved greatly once I moved. My doctor credits this to the change of

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