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I couldn't sleep last night again because of the whole situation with Colby and Felicity. I also did something stupid last night I was about to become my old self. I've never thought that I would become my old self again. My old self was very dark and suicidal. And also my old self did a lot of self harming and went though depression. So what I did was I look into the mirror and saw my old self. My old self wanted to find my pocket knife and so I went though my stuff to find it. I found it and look at it seeing how sharp the blade was and I was thinking about self harming myself because I was in so much pain and that’s the only way I know how to get rid of my pain. So when I was about to put the blade into my skin. I stopped and drop the knife…show more content…
I never wanted anyone especially Colby to see my old self. My old self was a type of person I never wanted to be. The person I wanted to be is my new self which a very happy and bubbly person. The new me is amazing I love being the new me and the reason why the new me came into my life was because of Colby. For some reason he changed me I don't know how but he did and I’m glad that he came into my life. I'm glad that he changed me because I've never thought in my entire life that I would change I thought that I would be the old me for the rest of my life. I never thought I would love myself for who I am. I'm lucky to be with him but ever since Felicity came back he's been hanging out with her a little more than me and it makes me feel like I'm disappearing from his life and I also feel lonely and depressed. My old self is coming back to my life and I don't want to be that person any more. I'm afraid that one day I'll start thinking suicidal and start cutting myself and no one is helping or caring for

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