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Who is Robyn Caire? A blonde hair, blue eyed gal from Kenner, Louisiana. She has an older sister, Rachel and a younger brother, Paul; Robyn is the middle of her two siblings. When her little brother Paul was born, the family had to relocate to LaPlace, Louisiana simply because they needed a bigger house for their growing family. Robyn misses her old house mostly because of the awesome back yard she claims she had in Kenner. She stated, “I miss my old back yard with all the different fun jungle gyms most of all.” The family has now been relocated for about ten years. One positive aspect about moving to a bigger home was that the family is now able to house animals. I mean, who does not love animals? They have two dogs now that everyone loves and adores. Lady, a four year old Doberman, who loves to sleep. With a smile Robyn expresses, “She always sleeps in my bed while I do school work, or just whenever I am hanging out.” Sasha, the six year old miniature…show more content…
Giggling, Robyn says, “ you know, it was cool to start a trend. Everyone wanted to copy off me and make bubbles with the soap too.” But of course the teachers did not find the shenanigans to be “cool” or funny. After elementary and middle school, Robyn and her sister both transitioned to Archbishop Chapelle High School. They commuted forty-fives minutes everyday from LaPlace to Metairie simply to receive “a good, catholic, private school education.” Robyn and Rachel both successfully graduated from Archbishop Chapelle and now attend Loyola University of New Orleans. Although Robyn does not enjoy reading, she expresses with excitement that she loves to write. “English was always my favorite subject in school,” as she smiles big. She is majoring in business marketing. Robyn plans to study law to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a defense

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