Pinterest Strengths And Weaknesses

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Pinterest is an innovative social networking tool that is steadily growing. It allows people to connect with one another based on their interests. Whether you are a fashionista or the ultimate food junkie, you can benefit from Pinterest. Pinterest's strengths include the ability to allow customers the opportunity to share and buy ideas. Your next fall fashion statement or party theme can be available to you with the click of a button. The site/app also allows you to connect with like- minded individuals whom you can follow and continuously get ideas from. Although Pinterest is an innovative tool, the challenge is staying innovative. This may be a weakness for Pinterest. It is easy for another company to come along and offer like advantages. Instagram was able to save themselves when Vine came along with the ability to post videos but who's to say Pinterest will be as lucky. Although Pinterest makes it easy to find and post your ideas and goals. What will keep the customer from just going to Google? Another weakness, considering the industry, is the security or lack thereof. Security is always an issue for technology driven sites and Pinterest is no exception.…show more content…
To do so, they should consider partnering with other companies to boost their abilities. Pinterest makes it easy for you to locate whatever you search but they should also take the opportunity to allow you to order or purchase whatever you're looking for right from the site. They could even offer it at a discounted price. Now if they consider this they must also update their security system. This includes forcing users to create stronger passwords to protect customer information. Pinterest could also use the iPhone fingerprint feature to their advantage, allowing customers to quickly access their pins without the threat of stolen

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