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In the first 12 weeks, everything was perfect. Staring out to the glistening lake from the house was picturesque. Her family gathered together as they always do every summer in Glen Arbor, Michigan under the sweltering sun. Anna Young, currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland, did not expect a straight-line windstorm to effect her summer consisting of working and family time. This past summer, for 3 months, Anna stayed in a lake house along with her cousins, aunt, and uncle. Anna had to put down her job at the local seafood restaurant, The Cove, because of the obstructions. At around 2:00 p.m. on an August summer day, the first storm approached. Anna and her cousin, within seconds were huddled shoulder by shoulder under the nearest canopy dry. They looked out at the torrential rain coming down on the gravel like a ton of bricks, hoping it would end soon.…show more content…
and hit the community hard. Anna’s whole family began watching the second storm unfold from their big front window in the house. “Within the next 15 minutes we watched tree after tree fall and yelling oh my god with our voices trembling,” Leah, Anna’s cousin, said. However, when their neighbor's tree came down it almost went through the window. Anna and her family all ran to the back of the house. Winds of 95 mph, “looked like a tornado went through the small town,” Anna said apprehensively. This was the turning point for the Anna’s summer. Nothing would ever look back to the way it had been. Anna was lucky to only have a tree branch through her car window, unlike her aunt’s house, which had $5,000 worth of tree removal. She was not able to get to work because roads were closed from fallen trees and no local places were open besides one bar and the grocery

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