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Hieroglyphic (Nonfiction) I was sweating through every orphus of my body.The humid,hot,and sticky summer air was definitely getting to me, making my pale skin flush a slight cherry color carrying boxes upon boxes.My grandparents were having a yard sale,and of course, the family had to pitch in and help. ”Ava,grab that would you?” My grandmother asked directing to the box filled with random old dusty trinkets that smelled of mothballs and old books. I simply nodded and bent over to grab it. “Meow!” I heard just as I had my hands around the time worn brown box,it caught my attention for a second,but I didn’t think much of it.My Grandfather had been complaining about neigborhood stray kittens sneaking in the…show more content…
The true blue tarp had thin shredded strips hanging off that had come from being time worn from the wind in almost a fringe like fashion had wrapped around a small kittens neck,probably only a week old,I didn’t have any time to think about what to do.The small feline was hanging off the ground by it’s neck,wailing like it was calling for it’s mother,obviously being abandoned,So, I ran and yelled. “Mom,Mom,Mom!” I shouted to the extent of my ability as I sprinted towards the small feline. I scooped up the small grey kitten that was wailing in pain to take the obviously latge amount of pressure off it’s miniscule neck, that had been sliced into by the plastic woven textile.My mother ran obviously worried that I had been hurt. “Mom, get the scissors now.” I calmly stated and she ran into the kitchen.My Grandmother ran to come see what was happening,her presence,though only made me even more stressed about the situation,seeing as she was freaking out

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