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My Editor sent me an article titled “17 ‘Arrow’ Action Sequences That Are Better Than Any Movie.” The article shows off some great stunt and action scenes from the TV Show “Arrow” but the suggestion Arrow's action is better than movie is too much. MTV's recent article about stunts in the TV Show "Arrow" is evidence that movie fans misunderstand stunts and action. They know the difference between good action and bad action but they can't explain it. They may not have the language to describe the difference between big blockbuster action compared to the action in TV Shows like “Arrow”, but they can feel it when they see it. An experienced Stunt Coordinator is the first thing you need for great action. However, great stunts can be ruined by…show more content…
Arrow Stunts and big action movie stunts are not even in the same category. Tom Cruise dangled outside of the tallest building in the world in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Stunt guys launched a car off a 600' cliff in The Fast and Furious. Nothing like that is happening on Arrow. It is a TV Show and can't afford action like that. "Arrow” is an Action Soap Opera. Some “Arrow” fans may not like to hear this, but lets call it what it is. It is one of the best Acton Soaps on TV. The stunts “Arrow” pulls off on a TV budget are only possible because of JJ Makaro, James Bamford and their stunt team. Even the writers in Arrow are bringing some great creativity to the table. Oliver uses parkour in a scene to remove a bullet from 30' high in the wall. It was a great creative way to show off some parkour when it wasn't about the chase. >Action is a collaboration of artists. The quality of the stunts you see on the screen relies on much more than the Stunt Coordinator. Producers, Editors, VFX Artists, Camera Guys and Directors all have a huge influence on the action you see. Out of respect to the artists who have dedicated their lives to this work, when writing about action and stunts these artists should be

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