Personal Narrative

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“Finny wake up,” my Mom whispered to me. I was already wide awake because I knew my Mom had fun things planned for the day. “I’m up, lets go,” I whisper yelled back to her. We left the bedroom and went into the living room where my aunt and her boyfriend Rooster were snoozing on the couch. “Lets be quiet, I whispered. Then I opened the door silently and walked out with my mom following close behind me. we walked off the porch, behind the cars, and into the street. We then strolled to the hotel at the end of the street.We went in and saw the starbucks and an old man sitting down, but we didn’t pay attention to him. Back to starbucks, IT WAS CLOSED! But then to our surprise something awesome happened. The Manager got there and opened up the store.…show more content…
We walked out the door crossed the street. We walked close to the one stop diner and crossed the street again to an archway. We went through the archway and down some stairs. On the second to last stair I stopped and took my shoes off because I wanted to walk barefoot on the warm soft sand. I walked off the sandy wooden platform and on to the beach. I sprinted across the white sand and yelled “Hurry up Mom!” Then she took her shoes off too. I was already on the shore. My Mom finally got down to the shore and I already had 2 shells in my
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