Personal Narrative Analysis

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The use of a narrative as the genre for this project was the most effective way to communicate the story behind my realization about the importance of writing to my audience. The purpose of my narrative was to recount my experiences in English class from my junior and senior years of high school with a specific teacher named Ms. Crowther. The intended audience for this narrative would be my peers. Therefore, I wrote my narrative in such a way that my peers may relate to it and may even see a mirror of their own experiences in it. Furthermore, the purpose was not only to recount a story, but also to reflect upon this story and show myself how I arrived at where I am today. Through having a clear vision of the intention of the project along with knowing who my target audience was, it was possible for me to create a cohesive written narrative and a vocal remix of said narrative.…show more content…
Not only this, but one must also write for rhetorical appeals such as pathos and ethos. Obviously proper articulation is necessary within the narrative, but articulation and formality do not necessarily have to go hand in hand. I made sure to be properly articulate, but tried to make the store less formal to create a personable tone. Appealing to both emotion and credibility are important within this narrative because the audience must believe that this story is true along with hopefully having their own emotions evoked when reading it. Although the purpose of the narrative is for me to be self-reflective, the audience themselves should be just as willing to reflect upon the narrative and apply it to themselves. Writing at a less formal level and retelling my own experiences helps to reader to both believe it to be the truth and establishes emotional

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