Personal Narrative: A Dog's Life

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Over the summer, my best friend and I experienced an unparalleled event that blessed the both of us. We saved a life: a dog’s life. This incredible opportunity allowed us to commit a completely selfless act and change a life for the better. In those moments when we rescued the dog, who we christened with the name Spero, we focused on things other than ourselves. Our priorities shifted from worldly to godly. Saving Spero changed the way I view the purpose of life. Instead of living to satisfy my own desires, I live to serve. Most people everyday ask themselves, “Do I want to do that?” or “Will this make me happy?” Our foremost thought revolves around one thing: ourselves. As imperfect creatures we have a tendency to behave selfishly and live selfishly due to human nature and sin. We focus on our desires and wants more than anything else. When my friend, Maddie, and I drove home from Sonic late at night, we spotted a stray dog run into the beam of our car’s headlights and then dart into the surrounding woods. Instead of driving on indifferently, we stopped the car and went looking for the stray on a road scarcely traveled.…show more content…
Her fur had fallen out and instead scabs and ticks infested her sunburnt skin. Though absolutely disgusted by ticks, I pulled at least twenty off of Spero before she finally fell asleep from exhaustion. In that instance I had to put aside my repulsion and desires in order to help Spero. Ticks carry diseases and suck blood, which can prove fatal to emancipated dogs without vaccinations. Spero’s needs outweighed my wants. I committed a selfless act by doing something as trivial yet altruistic as pulling ticks off a stray dog. This action made me realize that benevolence blossoms in the small things; the everyday sacrifices and kindnesses of simple actions. True selflessness does not just exist in fantastical expressions and

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