Rwanda Genocide Research Paper

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The genocide in Rwanda The genocide in Rwanda was a horrible event, there is no point in stating otherwise. For those less educated in this topic, this mass genocide lasted 100 days from April 7th to mid-July in 1994. I will be discussing the reasons behind this event. First of all I will be explaining what exactly happened during the genocide. In Rwanda there were two groups of people, the Tutsi and the Hutu, the Tutsi were the minority in Rwanda at the time, and the Hutu the majority. In the 100 days, there was a mass slaughter of the Tutsi minority for reasons I shall delve into, 500 000 Rwandans were killed during this time with only a lucky few who escaped. The Tutsi women were raped till they died, the men tortured and left to bleed. Corpses piled up along the roadsides. The Hutus were extremely ruthless in their slaughter of the Tutsis. The genocide was planned by the government.…show more content…
It was a very rare occurrence for a Hutu to be able to get an education and the Tutsis were in power despite being the minority. Not only this but Belgium had created a system which labelled the Hutus with yellow papers and they were identified very easily between the Hutus. The reason behind Belgium’s decision was that the Hutus were taller, whiter and supposedly smarter than the Hutus. One of the key elements behind the Rwandan Genocide is

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