Theme Of God In The Jewel Of Bas

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There is a prevalent connotative definition of godliness that includes immortality, near-infinite knowledge, and power, and there is a prevalent common knowledge meaning for man which includes mortality, emotion, and curiosity. In many narratives and films, this differentiation is quite rigid, but in The Jewel of Bas by Leigh Brackett, man and god may as well be the same being. The Jewel of Bas is a sci-fi fantasy adventure where the main character, Ciaran, and his lover trek across a post-apocalyptic world right into the heart of a land of gods and monster in hopes of finding the stone of destiny, the jewel of Bas the young god. They instead stumble onto the evil plans of Bas’ androids to conquer the world and kill Bas, and Ciaran alone must…show more content…
I imagine no one else made it that far, or at least lived to tell the tale. Whether Bas knew it or not, Ciaran had to win the hearts and trust of many people, him reached this point was the concerted effort of the Hunter, Mouse, the elderly man, and all the slaves who dared to fight the Kalds, it wasn’t just luck, Ciaran demonstrated the power and will to exist against dire circumstances and captivate. He had something the God-king didn’t have, true godliness, the ability to captivate people, take up their burden, and force them to lay down their lives for him. Through something as bare as music, and I believe Leigh Brackett chose a harp because it’s frequently described as the instrument of the gods, and music because it is the barest language we speak as humans, understood by all. It’s because Ciaran embraces his humanity, instead of separating himself from it that every stroke of his harp capable of representing millions of people, “It was all humanity crying out of the harp. Little people, lost and frightened and pleading for help. No voice could have said what it said. It was Ciaran himself, a channel for the unthinking pain inside him.” Even if he doesn’t prove himself to be God-like for being able to speak about the love and hope…show more content…
They both were called to a place of power by luck, they both love a woman, and they both love their respective worlds. On one hand a meteor fell at the feet of a young boy and christened him a god, for the other a metaphorical meteor struck ground when he thrust into the middle of the androids’ plan and tasked with the sole responsibility of saving humanity from it. They both love a woman, Ciaran’s and Mouse’s relationship is quite a dynamic one filled jarring violence and passionate love, but the other loves the imaginary manifestation of his relationship to power, this dream never characterized but named Marsali seems very dear to Bas. One was willing to kill for his world, Bas looking for his device to murder Ciaran, and the other was willing to die for his world, Ciaran invaded Bea Bertha knowing well enough he may die for his actions. These are two men at the brink of death, simultaneously asking for the ability to die the way they choose to as the world runs out of power, to be free to die with their lovers. While its Ciaran calls out for it, “[Quote](42).” Bas understands the need to be free to be with one’s love “[Quote]”, and I believe the reader understands as well, as we human being have a soft spot for

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