Narrative Essay Is Queeny Or Not Guilty

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queeny police report We arrived at the scene at 100 We were too late. so our job is to prove if she is guilty or non guilty. We questioned Queeny and she claimed that she had got home from a party at the country club and when she got home,her husband was coming down for another drink and tripped and fell.By now I believe that Queeny is guilty of murdering her husband The glass in his hand was not cracked or broke. given this piece of evidence it could have been put in his hand maybe it was the glass that could have been used to kill him.The autopsy confirmed that he had died from a wound on the back of his head and no other cuts or bruises. We observed the pan that was cooking and someone pointed out that she could have been trying…show more content…
she arrived 10 min earlier than her friends. I get how she could have been in shock, but not for 10 minutes. This is also would have been plenty of time to kill her husband and make it look like he had fallen down the stairs.(subjective) on the other side of the argument her husband had been drinking and had a high level of alcohol in his system and could have fallen on his own. the neighbors claimed that they had been fighting and she sped off in her mustang, so she was most likely furious With him. we do not know why her husband was dressed so nicely, we suspect that he was going to go to the party also, but when they got in a fight he decided not to go and get drunk instead. he may have been going down the stairs and slipped and tried to regain balance and not grab the rail. or he could have been hit on the head by an object (subjective). she claimed that he was coming down for another drink. I suspect that he was hit with an objective and died from internal bleeding and she made it look like he fell tripped and fell we believe this because Queeny was terrified. We are wondering why she waited so long to call the cops she although she was probably in shock she waited way too long to call the cops. this would have been plenty of time to dispose of the evidence (subjective). from her claim her friends were not to her house yet so they would be no

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