Native American Imperialism

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Described by famous linguistic Noam Chomsky, “Language serves essentially for the expression of thought.” Language is used every day to convey our thoughts in social situations. Unfortunately, this includes negative and racist expressions of thought. Language was used as a tool during colonization to diminish indigenous languages in Africa through linguistic imperialism. Linguistic imperialism is the idea that one language is superior to another on the premise of societal convenience. For example, since colonization English was used from a tool to trade in socioeconomic situations to being a symbolic representation of colonization. More than three quarters of the continent have English as an official language, indicating how widespread colonization…show more content…
The Organization for African Unity (OAU) recognized and reviewed its mandate to “…promoting those African languages duly prescribed as official languages, to mount a sustained campaign of educating or reeducating the national population about the inherent or potential practical utility of African languages to counter the present widespread negative attitudes in Africa towards these languages.” (Phillipson) This personally resonates with myself as an indigenous woman as it shows how much English has had an impact on African indigenous languages, and how it can have a lasting impact. However, my fear of the disappearance of indigenous languages in Africa and my personal connection with the Aboriginal populations of North America differ in that “…between the Americas and Africa is that in the former these new languages (such as Delaware Pidgin, Mobilian Jargon and Lingua Geral Amazônica, now known as Nheengatu) were based on Native American languages, whereas in the latter they were based on European languages.” From looking at these facts, African languages are at stake unless appropriate action is taken. Some actions proposed have been related to the schooling
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