Personal Narrative

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“I am not who I once was,” I’ve carried this quote with me for my entire life. It was a catalyst for me, helping to shape my life, leading me to a better future. Growing up I dedicated my life to drugs and anarchy. I was a terror who cared for nothing and felt like I was owed everything by the world. Then I lost my father. Nothing made sense anymore; I was wandering through life lost, like a child fumbling in the dark grasping for something to hold onto. This moment caused me to realize that the place that I saw myself in society was something that I truly hated. I decided that I wanted to reinvent myself changing from a selfish punk filled with malice to a responsible and reliable individual that was worthy to be a part of society. My first…show more content…
For a time, I wallowed in pity turning to drinking and social activity to stem my fear of the future. Ignorant of how to move forward, I instead found an effortless job working at a small bar which barely managed to pay the bills further compelling me to continue my complacency. Thankfully, after a time, my family helped me realize that I had forgotten my drive and had given up. I again revived myself, rededicating my focus on my ambition. Having dropped out of high school and never attempted higher education it seemed to me the best way to continue to better myself was to go back to school. I decided to enroll in college pursuing a degree in engineering; a career field that I had explored years ago finding fascinating. Knowing that the only thing keeping me from regressing was focusing on my rekindled ambition, I ignored my fears, vices, and social distractions, dedicating my time to excelling at my studies. Even when opportunities to obtain easy carefree jobs presented themselves I steadily declined. I instead remained focused on my current goals; figuring that my sacrificing for the career that I was working towards would lead to a better future than settling for a life of mediocrity
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