Personal Factors: My Personal Leadership Development Plan

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The Personal Leadership Development Plan modules have given me an understanding of the qualities that make up an effective leader. I have learned about my leadership styles and what I need to work on in order to become better. I believe I am a team leader with some transformational leadership qualities. I think I am an effective leader, but I have plenty of room to improve. I have come up with a three-to-five-year plan that should help me achieve my goal of becoming a transformational leader. As a team leader, I care about the mission and my relationships with the people. I have strong personal powers that enable me to motivate others. I am well-liked and personable, and like to have fun at work. I also have a degree of expert power…show more content…
I talked about referent and expert powers before, but I left off the one I need to work on most: information power. I know my job well, but I feel like I don’t know enough about other things like finance issues, DTS, PT failure procedures, and such. I know I can point a subordinate to someone who does know the answers when questions like these arise, but I want to be able to answer them. I plan on asking my First Sergeant to mentor me. He used to be my NCOIC and he is very knowledgeable in seemingly every dimension. I want my subordinates to know they can come to me with any question and I will get them an…show more content…
I do well with individualized consideration. I recognize people’s strengths and try to find ways to utilize them, and I see their weaknesses as opportunities for growth. I know their goals and help them along the way. I appeal to my subordinates by inspiring them as well. I don’t let them forget our mission or their purpose in that mission. My values and work ethic help me use idealized influence as well. If there is one transformational leadership quality I need to focus on, it’s intellectual stimulation. When it comes to solving problems, I tend to give my troops a fish rather than teach them how to fish. Sometimes this is best, but other times it hinders their growth. As an A1C, my supervisor always answered my questions with, “You tell me.” At first I thought he was a jerk, but then I realized what he was doing. I spent more time reading AFIs than any of my peers and I learned a lot from that. I plan on doing a better job of guiding them to an answer rather than always giving it to them. When warranted, I will have them find the answer themselves in order to help them

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