Quality Management In Public Administration

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary 2 Introduction of secretariate of thinadhoo council, south huvadhuatholhu 3 Vision 3 Mission 3 Main services 4 Administration, Human resource and Information service 4 Budget and Finance 4 Public Health, Education, Environment and Social Service 4 Planning and Economic Development 4 Municipal Service and religious affairs 5 Issues 6 Municipal inefficiencies 6 Leadership crisis in the local government sphere 6 Non-collection and under-collection of municipal revenue 6 The non-decision phenomenon that cripples functionality of municipalities 6 Introduction of total quality management 7 Introducing Total quality management in thinadhoo Council 7 ISO 9000 series / Family 7 Quality concepts in the public sector 7…show more content…
For services it is turned out to be easier to quantify subjective factors, whether by poll or in some other way. Objective factors are more difficult to quantify. FEATURES OF QUALITY ASSURANCE IN LOCAL ADMINISTRATION The most important question is how to ensure the quality of the employees, their education, development and motivation. Having in mind that the employees on all levels of local administration form its crucial part and that their full inclusion allows utilization of their capacities for production of quality, the role of human resources management is important. One of the key premises of quality achievement is establishment of trust and loyalty of the personnel. Team work is one of the ways of support. Team consists of people with different knowledge, capabilities and personalities. In order to achieve the optimal results. Successful local administrations aim to look good in the eyes of society. They work in line with laws and regulations and fulfill their duties towards the community. Self-evaluation and benchmarking are useful tools for measurement of quality by the local administration. The achieved results in form of new knowledge and innovations contribute to the work of the administration, creating continuous improvement. The success of implementation of policies and strategies is measured through the results of…show more content…
• Identify and address the risks associated with your organization • Work in an efficient way as all your processes will be aligned and understood by everyone in the organization. • This increases productivity and efficiency, bringing internal costs down CONCLUSION Quality public administration has to increase customer satisfaction with public services. It has to be done through transparent processes and accountable for the service. To make a quality service oriented organization the employees who works there has to be quality from top level management to frontline staff. Every customer has to be treated as the same way to other and employees should work according to the rules, regulation SOP, of the organization. BIBLOGRAPHY • Secretariat of Thinadhoo Council, South Huvadhu Atoll • Annual report of Thinadhoo Council in 2013 • 2016. ISO 9000 quality management - ISO. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/managementstandards/iso_9000.htm • EIPA - Topics / CAF - Common Assessment Framework. 2016. EIPA - Topics / CAF - Common Assessment Framework. [ONLINE] Available at:

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