My Strengths And Weaknesses

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Feedback received from colleagues and line manager, highlighted the following as my strengths and development areas: • I am adaptable and able to handle unexpected situations and I do my best to adjust to any new surroundings • I treat others with respect • I am humorous ,enthusiastic as well as positive and this in turn motivates staff to follow suite • I am rational- I want an element of calculation or planning to verify a thought rather than a personal or emotional opinion. I want an analytical approach to any problem • I am dedicated, loyal and by being so , I know my department and companies purpose and goals as well as the strategies to achieve these goals • I am a risk taker and will break the rules for the benefit of the business…show more content…
This exercise has taught me that I need to focus on my strengths’ and manage my weaknesses with the aim of fixing it. Identifying what my weaknesses are, is the first step forward, now to balance my strengths and weaknesses will be an important exercise as I embark on my leadership journey. The primary focus will always be to build on my strengths’ but I won’t leave my weaknesses unattended. I will learn, develop and practice as well as work with my direct reports and line manager to assist in improving and managing my weaknesses. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What will make you happy? I want to excel and be successful at my professional and personal life. I want to become a merchandise executive and thereafter work towards a managing director portfolio. I have a great manager who has always put immense faith in me in every way and I want to repay that faith by being successful and taking our current business to the next level. We just took over a speciality business and have one of the toughest budgets to achieve in the organization. We have put a strategy in place and if achieved, this will be one of the greatest accomplishments of my career. I am passionate about the strategy we have in place as it’s exciting, challenging, it makes me happy and it’s the reason l enjoy going to work every day. I love what I do and everything I do daily makes me…show more content…
I am articulate and being a planning manager I am very involved in analysis of data and stats and I consider all details and scenarios. This goes hand in hand with my Belbin profile which reflected my style of leadership as the role that reflected my highest score was that of a Resource Investigator. As a leader I focus on the data, facts, numbers and solutions to be taken from the findings, however I need to work on considering peoples emotional welfare and realise that not everyone can be clinical in their approach. The colour that dominates on the less conscious model was Fiery Red which I agree with as I am energetic and recently when things don’t go my way, I tend to be aggressive and intolerant to my staff. This has made me realise that in terms of my leadership style, when the fiery red is reflected, I need to take on board softer skills that are required to develop

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