Personal Essay: The Importance Of Responsibility

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Responsibility Essay Responsibility in a person is a must as they can be more trusting and dependable if they have even the slightest amount of responsibility unlike those who don’t have any they can be lacking in many things and most people will see them as drags on society. Not only that but they seem to have negative impressions by everyone else as they do not really help contribute to the betterment of mankind but that is how most people act in today’s world. But they still seem to go on and make the best of the day that they can. Responsibility is hard for a lot of people, it puts stress on you and makes people think you’re dependent so they might start asking more from you. That saying, my life would be much better than it already is if I took reasonability for my Self in more ways than one. Firstly I would be more active and would have my stuff done more often than I do now and that would free me up for other things to do and also have my family not barking down my throat. My chores would be done more often and this would obviously free me up for my own time and not only that but make my family happier. School work that had been previously assigned to me would be done more often making a traumatic increase in my grades and making a much more enjoyable school year. Also my jobs work ethic would be much…show more content…
Out of all though these three reasons are the best ways for myself to become more proficient in these things but still I would struggle fixing these as I cannot seem to get control over my habits so that would defiantly be the hardest for me. But in the end it would all come down to how well I could control myself to do things and handle my habits. So in conclusion my life would be better if I took responsibility for these
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