Advantages And Disadvantages Of Engine Overheating

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Assessment criteria 4.1 Engine overheating: Engine overheating is caused due to some different causes. Some of them are improper operation and faulty exhaust connections the incorrect grade of fuelling, incorrect magneto timing loose cylinder baffles or improperly installed cowling. these condition is caused by paint burned by the cylinder assembly. So we should Inspect the cylinder assembly for this condition after every 50 hours of operation. If any discoloration is found the cause should be determined and corrected before the further operations of the aircraft is attempted. While this checking it is important to distinguish the areas where paint has been scaled or peeled from the cylinder and areas where the paint has actually burned. Burned and overheated areas appear dark or discoloured and blistered appearance. Unburned metallic surface appears bright and clean with definited sharp edges where paint has been chipped. The engine over heating can be caused due to the following reasons  Insufficient oil supply …show more content…
This may convert the kinetic energy of motion to heat energy which can be dissipated into the atmosphere and Some basic principles behind braking operation is to create the controlled friction which increases the rate of deceleration (negative acceleration). Acceleration converts heat energy from motion and deceleration converts motion into heat energy which is a continuous process vice versa. Airplane when landing and take-off requires the brake system which helps to control and also due to high speed it requires a system to reduce its speed when landing so that it can be brought to halt. This purpose aircraft braking system was introduced for system not only helps in slowing down the speed of aircraft and also to maintaining the

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