Women's Role In World War II

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The Role of Women in World War II Contributions to the War Lina Rocha Florida Southwestern State College Author Note This paper was prepared for World History 1030, Section 170, taught by Professor Forsythe. Abstract Women acquired various significant roles during World War II. Employing all assets, including women, was a key strategy utilized by the Allies to ensure their victory. Many argue that without the help of these women who stepped up, it would have been more difficult or even impossible to win the war. Primarily, women took over the jobs of men who departed to fight the war, jobs that had never before been considered suitable for women. They were committed and willing to contribute in any way they could possibly…show more content…
It describes how women not only gave their man away to the war, but also how they began to contribute to the war efforts by offering their own lives. An important aspect of the United States’ attitude towards using women for the war is noted. It states that unlike Axis powers, the United States was determined to employ its women as well as all other resources available to fight the war. One of the most relevant aspects of this article is that in the absence of men, women had to take over many roles at the same time. As they began to adopt new roles in factories or volunteer work, they also kept their responsibilities of their homes and children. Furthermore, the military roles that women assumed during the war, such as the WAACs, WAVES, WASPs, and nurses, are also pointed out. The article gives clear examples of the jobs that women performed in the military, which vary from clerical to aviation occupations. Some important facts of these women mentioned in the article are represented by the number of women who were decorated as well as those who became…show more content…
Women faced changes of roles when they became necessary to perform the jobs of men who were going overseas. The authors state that after their men had left to the war, they took their jobs in order to make money and support the war themselves. They present how the importance of the new role adopted by women went beyond the factory jobs. Besides assuming the new jobs, they also had to maintain their previous responsibilities. They were still wives and mothers at the same time they became professional women. An important fact presented in this essay is that up until 1939 no one really expected women to become active participants in supporting the war. They describe the different jobs performed by women at the home front as well as those who became part of the armed forces. Serving in uniform was a huge change. Although some women had held some jobs before the war, they had not been allowed in the military. The essay explains the various types of occupations that women had in the armed forces. Even though they did not actually go to war, they held jobs that were equally important to support the

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