The Consequences Of The Westward Expansion: Manifest Destiny

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The Westward Expansion: Manifest Destiny The Manifest Destiny is defined as a widely held belief in the U.S that settlers were destined to expand across North America . Before the American colonies won their independence in the Revolutionary War, settlers were moving West into what is now known as the states Kentucky and Tennessee, along with parts of the Ohio Valley and some in the southern regions. At the end of the War of 1812 there was the Indian Removal Act people had to worry about , in 1830 Indians had to start their trip commonly known as the Indian removal act. There were many challenges that faced the people moving West. Often times the weather was harsh to them, they could get freezing, or they could get too hot. Along with that some of them struggled with the lack of supplies such as clothing, food, water, etc.They also had trouble with protection and shelter, they weren’t protected from harsh weather or animal that might be lurking around.Also some of the peoples ox were dying because of overloading, lack of food, and lack of water. Some people even died from the lack of water and food.Everyone also had…show more content…
Some of the consequences of the Westward Expansion were some of the Native Americans would have to leave where they were living just so the other people could move in, they basically got kicked out of their homes and had to live on reservations instead of their homes.Another consequence was the buffaloes went down in numbers of the species, they slowly died down basically so they ruined an important resource. After all this it also resulted in the Whites and Native Americans getting into fights ending many of the people's lives because of this.The Indians were wrongfully removed from their homes and they were mistreated by many people. The manifest destiny also caused war,it caused a war between us and

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