Humanistic Theory Of Behaviourism

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The humanistic, behaviorism and psychodynamic approach all come to the same conclusion that behavior is staggered from nurture rather than nature, even though behaviorism counteracts and takes nature into consideration. Behaviourism was originated by john Watson in the twentieth century, which concluded of observational experiments of humans and animals that support the theories of psychologists in environmental factors of our behaviour rather than internal concepts although they do lack ecological validity. (Referenced from Mike Cardwell, 1996) Classical and operative conditioning can develop from aversion of foods, learned emotions, advertising and development of phobias. A classic example of classical conditioning that shows how to condition…show more content…
During the Little Albert experiment, Albert was introduced to a stimuli; Watson would make a loud noise, (hitting a hammer), making Albert respond negatively towards the stimuli. Resulting in stimulus generalization, as Albert associated the rabbit with the loud noise, and feared not only the rabbit, but anything associated with it; leaving Albert with a phobia, therapy would be a good reverse to help get over the phobia. Psychologists refer to the fact that babies are born with a blank slate and can adapt to their social structure. This type of experiment can also be used for treatment for people with addictions, this can be food, alcohol or cigarettes or any other addiction, although there could be some complications; like resulting in not being able to drink any types of drinks etc. Another good theory of how classical condition can be demonstrated is Pavlov’s dog theory. Pavlov experimented on his dog, calculating the dog’s saliva with or without food present. After a serious of experiments using a stimulus which was the bell predictions were correct, and Pavlov‘s dog salivated as he…show more content…
Psychologists believe every person is unique and the person develops behavior through their own concepts and feelings. Psychologist didn’t believe in observing to test out their theories, they preferred interviews and case studies and sometimes questionnaires so that it receives more knowledge on the behavior of individuals whereas the behaviorist and psychodynamic approach tend to use experiments to receive more a reliable conclusion, behaviorism and psychodynamic approach also provide the same experiments for treatment although all three approaches provide treatment for their clients/patients. All three approaches has had a different theory of what can shape behavior; Maslow’s created a theory called ‘self actualization’ where each and every human being had the ability to progress reaching their full potential although it can be argued how you can actually tell if someone is ‘self actualized, the information they give you could be false due to number of factors

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