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Physical Anthropology Paragraph Brittany Chan Social Darwinism has been a widely debatable issue of discussion for decades. It was foremost introduced by Darwin, however, Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher, coined one of history's most widely known phrase "survival of the fittest". This phrase declared that those who were less proficient would slowly perish, while "certain races which were inferior to others had a right and a duty to dominate them." Subsequently, this led to a major marking in history; Hitler and the Nazi's empowerment and the dictation or Germany. Millions of innocent lives were obliterated by the simple judgement of race and physical features, completely neglecting financial stability, intelligence, and pity for the…show more content…
Caring and being cared for is essential for developing individuals. However, Social Darwinism revolves around the saying "the rich are rich because they deserve it, while the poor are poor because they deserve it". This phrase distinctly states that one will not be able to change their given label no matter their intelligence, creativity, or any other characteristics which are beneficial for survival. The rich will be placed on a pedestal to dictate over the weak and powerless while the poor will be suppressed in society and be treated without respect. Social Darwinism lacks to provide compassion to the unfit as only one group of people will be deemed the title "fit" and rule over others while those seen as "less than" will slowly die. Not only will they be shamed of their differences and ostracized, but also will be criticized and "not be prevented from dying out". Herbert claims that nature brought people to their high class and those who are "unfit" will remain "unfit" while those who are "fit" will continue to be "fit". This traumatization can lead individuals feeling unsatisfied about themselves, wanting to change their appearance or personality for society. We, as humans, are all created equal and should be treated equal, but Social Darwinism teaches us to critique one

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