Peace Women Analysis

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She remains bereft and directionless to go anywhere. At that inevitable situation, Eva controls her emotions, postpones her anger and moulds her confidence. Initially, she seeks her help from her neighbors. She senses that her neighbors could not afford to feed her children for too long, so she decides to find a way to earn some amount of money to give her children some basic needs Eva was left in a situation in which she fumbles back and forth whether to go to work or to be with her children, because all of her children are below five years old. Hannah is the eldest. She is too little to take care of her brother and sister. Eva does some menial job to feed her children, where it is very difficult to get a job and the earnings are insufficient…show more content…
She is both her emotional and financial anchor. The second generation of the Peace women is represented by Hannah, Eva’s first child. Widowed when Sula is three, she spends life doing all that she wants to do, caring for Eva and Sula. Like Eva, she too embraces her sexuality freely, but cannot be labeled as a stereotype. After the death of Rekus, her husband, she raises Sula with the help of her mother Eva. She resists categorization and confinement like Eva, as a woman and mother. Hannah refuses “to live without the attentions of a man and after Rekus’death had a steady sequence of lovers, mostly the husbands of her friends and neighbors” (42). Hannah consciously seeks to make herself as a feeble woman because of the death of her husband, and least cares about what others think about her. The biggest flaw in her personality is that she does not seek financial independence like Eva which sabotages her being as a woman, and this to self-doubt in every aspect of life. Hannah knows full well that, Eva cares for her but has her own doubts about Eva’s maternal love as does Sula later on, about hers. Hannah asks Eva: “Mamma, did you ever love us?”(67). she thinks for a second and answers: “No don’t reckon I did. Not the way you thinkin” (67). This answer stuns Hannah. Eva admonishes Hannah and tells

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