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History 11: Winter 2018 Section 1343 Professor Ryan McMillen Term Paper Student Athena Savelly DUE: Feb 2, 2018 Historical Conquests and Freeborn Englishmen Introduction The discovery of America has been of the most important historical factors. In this case, analysis of the primary source “Columbus's Description of the Discovery of America (1492)” denotes clearly that Christopher Columbus was an iconic figure in the discovery of the nation. Columbus was an explorer, and along with his crew, they discovered America. On the other hand, Magna Carta is a historical document which has reshaped the modern American life. An analysis of “Magna Carta (1215)” primary source document unveils how the rights and liberties of the American people were…show more content…
The document drove at fostering peace between the group of barons and King John. The rights postulated in this document proclaimed that the barons were to be safeguarded from the act of illegal imprisonment. The source “Magna Carta (1215” highlights that the charter was critical in the foundation of the American constitution. It is thus fundamental in promoting democracy in the modern world and helped in supporting the rights and liberties of the citizens (Wwnorton C). The Magna Carta also established a common law which replaced the old feudal system. The old feudal laws permitted various lords to apply different rules, and this was limiting in the face of justice. Hence, Magna Carta of 1215 hastened the decline of the feudal system. The church was also protected and justice enhanced. The source points out that Magna Carta came out to be an enduring document that promoted the rights of "freeborn Englishmen." Illegal grabbing of the property was eliminated, and the rights of women fostered. The unsuccessful attempt to instill peace between the royalties and the rebel factions as undesirable events had resulted in the outbreak of the first Baron fight. The ill-defined monarch system was abolished. At first, John ruled through force and will concept and made arbitrary decisions which were not justified by law. There also existed an ancient English constitution during Anglo-Saxons era, but in 1066, the Norman invasion had overthrown these rights. In view of this, the Magna Carta tried to reinstate the liberty of the English

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