Short Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Short Rhetorical Analysis Essay In her 1929 essay A Room of One’s Own, essayist Virginia Woolf narrates how the only major character Mary Beton was asked during twenty century to lecture about the topic of women and fiction. Using this task assigned Mary investigates, Virginia tells the story of how society worked during those years and what gender inequality existed. Using an encouraging, cynical and hopeful tone, Woolf attempts to prove why women need money and a room of their own in order for being able to write. Woolf begins her essay by conveying the disappointment Mary Beaton felt after visiting both men’s university, Oxbridge, and women’s university, Ferham, and seeing huge differences between both. Through logos, she describe the terrible meal received at the women’s university: “The human frame being what it is, heart, body and brain all mixed together, and not contained in separate compartments as they will be no doubt in another million years, a good dinner is of great importance to good talk. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” (Pg. 18) Using some logic, Woolf achieves to help the reader understand that a good meal can make a difference in what someone creates. Describing her meal, the…show more content…
“A solicitor’s letter fell into the post-box and when I opened it I found that she had left me five hundred pounds a year for ever. Of the two- the vote and the money-the money, I own, seemed infinitely the more important.” (Pg.37) The readers feel surprise to hear a women prefer money over their vote, the magnitude of this quote let Virginia explain the importance of money and persuade the reader of the decisions women had to deal with. By Mary talking about preferring the money her aunt let her over voting, the audience associates money to the possibility of freedom women may
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