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CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: This study employed qualitative research and the research tool for this study is textual analyses. This chapter explains the research design of the study, procedure of data collection, method of data presentation, and finally the methods of data analysis. 3.1 Research Design: The qualitative method is used in my research to collect and analyze the data. The English proverbs make up the data of my research study. English proverbs are randomly chosen and analyzed in the study. The basic construct of the study that were used to analyze woman’s status in English proverbs were the negative images of a woman in proverbs which are used in our society and are used from generation to generation. The negative images…show more content…
This helped to explore the attitudes of society towards a woman, and towards other societies and proverbs is used as a tool to explore the woman’s status. The study focused on following questions: 1. What is the status or images of women in English proverbs? 2. What kind of images women have in English proverbs, negative or positive? 3.3 Procedure of data collection: The data is collected by textual analysis of English proverbs. The analysis is based on 9 proverbs from which 6 are the negative; which have the negative images about a woman and other three proverbs have the positive images. I have analyzed these proverbs by giving my own views about a woman’s status. 3.4 Data Analysis: The analysis is started from negative proverbs and onwards. The analysis is done textually. These analyses are mentioned in the next chapter. The proverbs for analysis were taken from different sources. The analyses of proverbs manifest the different views of peoples’ thinking about a woman. These views are more negative than positive. 3.5 summary of the…show more content…
The data is described through the book “Wisdom Through the Ages: Italian and English Proverbs and Quotations edited by Pasquale Varano. There are negative as well as positive proverbs I had 9 proverbs from which 6 proverbs are with negative images of women and just 3 proverbs are with positive images. I will analyze the negative proverbs and I would also refer to analyze the positive proverbs to reveal the positive images of women in our society. The 9 proverbs with negative connotations signal the following images about women: 1. It’s a man’s world. This proverb says that everything in this world belongs to a man, everything is arranged in this world for men’s advantages for his life, and life is tough and difficult for a woman. Women are not an important part of world. This shows inferiority of a woman than a man. Man is free to do everything in his own way in this world and a woman has no right to live in this world in her own way freely like a man has. This proverb carried out the negative image of a woman and in my views there should be equal rights for a woman as well, like a man has in this world for his life. Why a man always lead in this world why not a

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