Peace Corps

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Socioeconomic and sociocultural are two of the main issues in Benin. Peace Corps is a great initiative sponsored by the United States government in order to ease some of the Beninese social and economic issues. Peace Corps focuses on four of the key areas in Benin such as Education, community economic development and environmental action. We will offer an in- depth analysis on those factors in microeconomic perspective. Education is always the core of rebuilding a country economy. The majority of Beninese does not receive proper education and training, so they become unskilled labors in the country. They are often working in the farm or mining field, but they are only low-paid jobs and poor working environment for them. They…show more content…
The program will also increase marginal product of labor since workers are more productive after training process. Those workers will be able to produce more goods by specialization. Improving education system and training programs are greats move by the Peace Corps. Community economic development is another agenda for the Peace Corps. Beninese does not have a great capital to invest and spend on the product. Hence, they are restricted by the budget constraint. The Peace Corps strategizes a well-balanced budget planning for the Beninese, so they can have a better idea on how and what they should spend their budget on. Community economic development also creates many forms of small union. Those unions allow Beninese farmers and small businesses to enjoy prosperity by protecting their economic opportunities. Moreover, it reflects the lack of government intervention in the economy by the creation of unions. They are built to protect the interests of the minority, and it has benefited the farmers and locals by the community economic development. Environmental issues will always be the hot topic in Benin. Many Beninese are
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