Analysis: Las Soldaderas

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Part C: Evaluation of Sources Orozco, José Clemente. Las Soldaderas. 1926. Painted Mural. Museo De Arte Moderno, Ciudad De México Origin: Las Soldaderas was a mural created in 1926 by the painter José Clemente Orozco and is located in the Museo De Arte Maderno in Ciudad De México Purpose: The purpose of this painting was to be used for politicalized movements to portray the idea that women and men were moving, together in unison, towards a better direction during the Mexican Revolution. This can make a significant impact of the participants at the time as it showed how involved women were in fighting for independence but it shows people today that there was a time were men and women were considered to be equally significant when they work with one another to gain change. Value: The value of this mural is that Orozco is a man who did his best to create bold political statements through his talent of art. The many murals that he created were made to convey strong statements. Las Soldaderas makes a bold statement of the significant roles the women made during war. Most of the times equality was disregarded and this mural- along with…show more content…
The women were seen significant based on the jobs at home but from rising up into a Soldadera, the men and political figures did their best to keep them suppressed. Feeling threatened of gender equality- the men of Mexico wanted to maintain the order that was always accepted, men worked hard while the women should be home. The Soldaderas may have been a courageous group of women who wanted to prove their strengths in war, in hopes to positively reflect their capability in a future society, but it would still be years before the Mexican women get any sense of

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