Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Analysis

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Pre reading- I think the book is about a girl named Violet White who lives in a house next to the ocean and then she falls in love with a boy named River West that hides many secrets, on the back of the book it says that violets grandmother would always warn her about the devil, maybe River is dangerous but Violet is so deeply in love with him that she won't see him as a threat. April Genevieve tucholke is the author of Between the devil and the deep blue sea, she has been awarded and recognized by her writing multiple times on 2014, she was awarded with the YALSA teens top ten award selections, the Kentucky Blue Grass Award Nominee and the Westchester fiction award, honorable Mention. She currently lives with her husband in Oregon,…show more content…
This quote is found on the first couple of pages. “Freddie once told me that I was the worst kind of stubborn-because I wasn't stubborn at all. I was patient. Patient, but determined. A stubborn person could be distracted, or tricked. But not me. I just held on and on and on, never giving up until I got my way, long after everyone else stopped caring.” this quote is from the part of the book when violet was thinking about what freddie had said about the way that violet acted and the way that she is. “Some people don’t deserve to live. And, to go a step further, some people need to die.” river said this when violet was arguing with him because he made the man slit his throat I should hate you, But i guess I love you, You’ve got me in between the devil and the deep blue sea. - Cab

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