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I. Issues / Recommendations Issue #1: The target market of Lululemon Athletic is narrow. The primary market of Lululemon athletic was focus on the educated women who are pursuit a health and active lifestyle. However, there are not all women have economic ability to pursuit an active and inner peace life. Although Lululemon is started to design men products, all products is related to fitness and athletic. Issue #2: Branding is an important marketing strategy to all of products. Lululemon has limited brand recognition to public. Lululemon had showrooms in 4 countries, such as, the United States, New Zealand in 2012. Showrooms were share a group of people with their products or Yoga classes. Using this way to attract customers is very slowly. Word of the mouth would be the slowest marketing…show more content…
PESTEL Analysis: The PESTEL analysis lists factors from the company’s macro-environment that are strategically relevant to company’s directions, objectives, strategy, and business model. Political Factors: political factor has no direct effect on Lululemon companys. However, Lululemon have to pay the tax and tariffs when they import from other countries. Economic conditions: The Lululemon Company’s sale revenue dramatically increased $1 billion annually. The stock price of Lululemon increased from $2.25 per share to 64.68 per share. between 2009 and 2012. Sociocultural forces: In the macro-environment, in 2011, there are nearly 73% women would like to spend $5.7 billion on yoga classes. Many educated women liked to pursuit an active, health lifestyle, therefore, yoga product would be their best choice. Technological forces: Technical developments that helped lumulemon got a new stage of product designing. Some trademarked fabric coporated with Lumulemon and designed fabrics that could remove body odors, silky, and light weight. Environmental forces: Environmental forces may have indirect effect on Industries, but these forces may effect transportation of

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