Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter Of Intent

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Did I use my critical analyzation skills when I wrote my letter of intent for my Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing class? To order to answer this question with honesty, some variables need to be considered. How much time did I spend on the letter? What is the significance of the letter? What was understood in this letter? What are Martin Luther King Jr. connotations to me? Therefore, to answer my initial question of was my letter of intent critically thought out, I must step back and consider the importance of the letter. I will argue that I did not critically analyze my letter of intent by divulging my own impediments, my opinions on Martin Luther King Jr. were not even mentioned and will expand on what my own words are written in the letter intended but were not evidently stated by touching the major themes of my letter. First, I will revisit my personal letter of intent and critically think about it from an alternative perspective. At that time, I developed on what my own words written the letter implied but were not clearly indicated. To begin with, what were my objectives for this class and were they concise? In my outlook on my own…show more content…
Which is what themes would I like to focus on writing about? I address this by maintaining that “I’m not sure what topics I would like to write about, but I’ll figure that out when we get there (Broome, p.1).” Geez, that statement really answered the inquiry. Why did I even squander my instructor’s time by forcing him to read that? My letter of intent again shows another impediment, laziness. I did not even consider listing anything about Martin Luther King Jr. which is the main theme of lectures in this course. That did not even require a unique thought. I suppose I was just too lazy to write that my major theme of my essays could be the credibility of the conspiracies of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. I should have effortlessly thought of matters to write about

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